The Erusian Realm

Disturbances in the pantheon, which would later be known as the Cataclysm, were first detected long after the founding of Telerian and Olician powers.

Because the powers of the cabals where based almost entirely within the shards (and their limited reservoirs), the magi where eager to exploit new sources to keep their empires strong. If the remnants of failed gods where so powerful, how much more would those drawn from Eru be? Thus was the reasoning that drove the first mages to break into the realm.

The first ventures into the Erusian Realm were performed by mages opening personal portals at great expense of energy. Today, massive awnings that crackle with arcane energy are operated using energy from Eru himself. These ornate awnings are large enough that entire armies can march through them and emerge from the corresponding awning in a battle-platform on the otherside.

The reason the Erusian Realm is so contested is that its energies can be channeled back to the material plan where it is used to power massive platforms which can traverse dark-space between stars. These powerful battle-platforms are equipped with cannons capable of emitting beams of focused energy from great distances, as well as projecting a magical sphere of protection.

Both Teleria and Olician operate various battle-platforms of differing sizes, each operated by the military. The larger Telerian battle-platforms are flagships of admirals, with the smaller platforms part of his fleet. Olician platforms are helmed by Ordinator-Generals, each of which are elected by

The Erusian Realm

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